Our mission statement

In a rapidly changing world, the availability of data is increasing faster every day. Live information from sensors combined with data sciences (‘big data’) will become mainstream and create new solutions for the challenges of the built environment. The need for interoperability solutions between the growing number of data structures and sources is changing.

We believe that dynamically linking different data sources and structures will be the new challenge towards a ‘data driven AEC industry’.

Therefore data standards should be agile, reference implementations and tools should be available at low threshold, there should be more focus on interfacing, and workflows and processes should be able to adapt fast with the support of examples or guidelines.

The openBIMstandards.org platform collects and encourages cutting-edge technological development in the AEC industry. There are no long procedures to join this movement and there will be no formalities limiting the nimbleness of solutions.

Everything that is brought to the platform keeps the ownership of the original authors. Every initiative has its own license, release cycle and roadmap.