Other (data) standards for BIM

Of course there are other BIM related standards as well.

The most famous standards from BuildingSMART are:

  • the IFC data standards and;
  • the BCF standard for issue management.

The BimQL, bimJSON and ifcOWL initiatives are based on IFC (BuildingSMART even links to our site) and the Schependomlaan example is rich of IFC and BCF.

On the level of pointclouds there is:

From the sensors there are many different data formats rising to the surface.  we would like to mention:

  • oBIX (open building information exchange)

And of course there are some local standards or standards that are closely related to proprietary implantations. The list is too long to mention on this website.

Standard guidelines

On this website we focus on data, or data-related standards. There are many national and international standards for guidelines which are available at the ‘BIM Guides Wiki‘.