What is BimQL?

BimQL (Building Information Model Query Language) is an open, domain specific query language for Building Information Models. The query language is intended for selecting and updating data stored in IFC models and it is currently implemented on top of the BimServer.org platform, which is an open source model server.

Who is it for?

BimQL was developed to be used by non-programmers, for example architects and construction engineers. BimQL streamlines the selection and mutation of partial model data and therefore streamlines the desgin and construction process.

What is BIM?

A Building Information Model (BIM) is a digital collection of data. This data represents a building during its life cycle and can be used during the design, construction and maintenance phases.

What is IFC?

The IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) data model is intended to describe building and construction industry data. IFC is the most widely used and most mature open standard for BIM models.

What is the BIMserver.org platform?

The BIMserver.org platform is software that enables you to create a server that can work with IFC data. You can upload IFC data to the server, usually in the form of IFC files. This data can be downloaded and edited by anyone who has access to the server.

Who to contact?

Wiet Mazairac

Wiet Mazairac