What is ifcOWL?

ifcOWL provides a Web Ontology Language (OWL) representation of the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) schema. IFC is the open standard for representing building and construction data (see BuildingSMART). The ifcOWL ontology has the same status as the EXPRESS and XSD schemas of IFC. More information about ifcOWL can be found at http://www.buildingsmart-tech.org/future/linked-data/.

What is it good for?

Using the ifcOWL ontology, one can represent building data using state of the art web technologies (semantic web and linked data technologies). IFC data thus becomes available in directed labelled graphs (RDF). This graph model and the underlying web technology stack allows building data to be easily linked to material data, GIS data, product manufacturer data, sensor data, classification schemas, social data, and so forth. The result is a web of linked building data that brings major opportunities for data management and exchange in the construction industry and beyond.

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Getting started

> How is ifcOWL generated?
> How is ifcOWL structured?
> Where can I convert my IFC files to RDF graphs?
> How can I efficiently use ifcOWL-based RDF graphs?

Who to contact?

Pieter Pauwels

Pieter Pauwels